About us

Our business strategy

Our winning strategy

Scripta's business strategy is based on three main pylons, with clear focus of our work – developing successful and unique solutions for your brand and your gaming platforms.


Psychological approach

Firstly, our working methods in developing solutions are based on two main elements – understaning the needs of the operators and understanding the psychology and „triggers“ of the players.

International team

Those two elements we combined with multi-national professionals as our third business strategy pylon - people from across the world with successful working backrground in the indusrty – to provide you finally with the best service you can get.


Live feed / Live dealers

With the excitement of Live Dealer Gaming, we are helping you to develop your brand and gaming platforms as well as build your strong relationships with your players, working continuously with industry leaders both in the Online and Offline operations.

We welcome you as our Client

Giving you with all the benefits and support we can

  • Maximize repeat visitors to your Gaming Site
  • Build stronger loyalty relations with your players
  • Develope unique new business opportunities customized to your needs
  • Support you with the our cost-optimized technologies
  • Support you with our modern advanced back office platform
  • Provide you with solutions which will ensure you full control of your business

24/7 Live Stream

broadcasted from Multiple Global Locations, we provide you with Live HD Streaming in every time of the day and night, all days of week.

Loyality for your players

All our studios are operated by experts with the industry experience and highly trained staff, seasoned Pit-Boss and qualified dealers with expertise in world’s most famous Land Base Casinos.


Certificated & Authentic Gaming Platform

Our products and solutions are all certificated by the official regulatories and made as innovative solutions from the side of our team of experts.

Operators Live

Our Operators are working through elite Live Gaming Solutions, with most solid infrastructure in the market today. A combination of Multiple Global Feeds and understanding of the Games Interface, allows us to deliver the closest reality and authenticity of Live Gaming to each player.

Security protocols

Scripta Gaming takes strict measures to ensure unconventional and proactive security protocols. We are constantly monitoring the system with the most trained and skilled support team, globally.

Server fail-save mechanism

Our Custom Platform was carefully built through time in a way we can put minimal hardware management on our licensees’ side. Scripta Gaming retains strong servers in multiple locations, which delivers fast communication, security of all data, and fail-safe mechanisms.

24/7 live monitoring

All our Gaming activities are monitored in real-time allowing us to provide immediate intervention and resolution of all services including players’ behavior and fraud related issues.

Safe private information

All information shared with Scripta Gaming stays confidential and Secure. We are proud to have most advanced security protocols which insures that your personal, private and financial information remains completely safe.

Fair and responsible gaming

Scripta Gaming complies with the highest industry standards of Fair and Responsible Gaming, Professional Operating Procedures, and complete transparency to Regulators and Operators.

Licensed betting equipment

Scripta Gaming insures that all our Casino and Recording equipment which are used in our multiple Broadcasting Facilities are provided by industry leading and licensed manufacturers to insure accuracy and loyalty.

Legal notice: Please note that all products offered may only be used in accordance with applicable legislation of the country where they are used. Responsibility for complying with the respective statutory provisions is with the individual customers and not Scripta Ltd.