With equal chances of winning, Barbut is all about tactics game. After the first experience with the Barbut, any other game feels just like waiting for another round of Barbut.

Real time

We proudly present completely new concept in the gambling industry – the very first Barbut game in the world of Online Casino. The game takes place in the real time with high quality video stream in HD resolution. In a way to be close to each Player, Barbut is developed as a multilingual and multicurrency game.


Luck factor

With adding a luck factor, You will have the same chance of winning in each round – simply choose red or black in real time.


Multiple screen

Watch the game from different angles, find your most suitable perspective or simply enjoy in changing them. In every perspective, every single part of the gaming deck is covered. The only thing which we always be the same is for you to throw your lucky dice!


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